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I’m hooked on growing things!

After I saw my first cherry tomatoes give fruit, I just could not help myself. I guess it might have to do with the fact that I take things a bit to the extreme. Well, nonetheless it is a great challenge and I am doing it with very little expense. As a matter of fact, my latest challenge has been to dry my own seeds and plant in recycled containers. I’ll blog about that later on, since I still have many plants to show you. Ahhh… and yes, I’m doing this all in containers. So if you live in a small apartment you have absolutely no excuse to grow at least some fresh herbs and spices! My starter plants cost 1.00 each. Eventually I went ahead and got soil and bigger .89 cent pots. I got 20/20 fertilizer and some seeds and that was basically it. I’m so exited about watching how they grow that I┬ámake sure they have enough water and sun every day.


Sweet Peppers


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